Every time our love was devoid of your time,solitariness often did chime..            Although the splinters of my broken heart tried shaking my faith,they could only lance but not cut deep,despite being a baleful graith..

Every time our love seemed to you like a travail,I inveigled myself that all of it is not turning frail..                                              Although the splinters of my broken heart tried shaking my faith,they could only lance but not cut deep,despite being a baleful graith..




There have been nights she woke up to nightmares,there have been days she wished just wouldn’t exist.There have been people who killed her from within despite there being some who urged her to live.She gave up once,she gave up twice,but she was always reminded of her oblivion verve that was never given a chance.

She learnt to love,she learnt to live,but her bruised heart refused to heal.There have been evenings extended to nights with miry eyes resting on a damp pillow,there have been some memories and relationships she tried to revive,there have been noons she realized none of it could survive..

Hours turned to days,days turned to weeks,weeks turned to months,but she never stopped dwelling in the habitual dolour she’d sunk in..There have been times she’d gaze into the wilkin and watch the sun melt with its fulgor and think “Is there a wilkin of love I could melt in by sheathing it with fulgor of my trust.?”

There have been rabble who called her lost,the ones who never knew the number of internal battles she’d actually lost..

There still are times she feels defeated but she’s an incognito combatant still living her life..āš”

Beautiful than it ever wasā¤

A folder full of pictures and a carton full of cards,a scrap book filled with scribbles and those long walks down the farmyards.

Very often does nostalgia bind her heart with a clause,to revisit that phase which was beautiful than it ever was..

A candy jar full of collectibles and a box filled with jigsaw blocks,a tiny vault holding gifts and those late evening “over a coffee” talks.

Very often does nostalgia bind her heart with a clause,to revisit that phase which was beautiful than it ever was.


She sought an escapešŸ‘£

To a place where she wishes her past never unfurls,to a place where her tears are valued despite them not being pearls,she sought an escape.

To a place where she isn’t surmised for being the way she is,to a place where the heart isn’t weighed down by the dark abyss,she sought an escape.


Life is like a bubbleā­•

Floating nonchalantly when the breeze is calm,drifting unsteadily when there’s a storm,some pop early while some survive longer in the struggle,for life is like a bubble..

Colors of emotion glisten upon sunshine,from violet deep to greenish blue,they change with time,some bounce back while some snap when they stumble,for life is like a bubble..


Exhilarating thrilleršŸ‘Œ

          Book-The Da Vinci Code.                         Author-Dan Brown

Before I review this perfection,I’d like to tell that “I know I’m late,infact very much in reading this masterpiece,that by every means wouldn’t need a review this latešŸ˜…” Yet I’m here for it.

I’d seen this book being read by my cousins when I was 9..The volume of the book had scared me.It was much before I’d developed an intense obsession for books and reading.All I knew about the book was,that it was a brainy thriller which leaves the reader seeking for more with every page being turned.So now let’s get back to what made me read this after so many years of its release and even after a movie had been made of it.

It was January when I had been to this cultural fest in my city and there were stalls put up of books being sold on discounted price.And then when I visit one,this book caught my eye(or rather should I say,its bind.? Lol).I saw other books of Dan Brown kept along with this one.Yet I felt like picking this one up probably because of all those years of seeing my cousins read it.So yeah, I get back home,keep this masterpiece in my bookshelf and adore its presence for 3 months.And April end was when I decide to read this owing to the abundant free time I had due to college fest.Approximately a day into beginning of reading this,I get addicted. The story gets gripping and more mysterious. It is indeed fast paced and a brilliant book Dan Brown has penned.

Professor of symbology at Harvard,Robert Langdon is trapped for being the strong suspect in the mysterious murder case of the curator of Louvre Museum of Paris,Jacques Sauneire.He and a cryptographer Sophie Neveu set out on an escape adventure to uncover the truth.The plot of the story revolves around a long lost valuable,a deadly chase to possess it.

I watched the movie after reading the book and honestly I felt it was a bit vague which leaves the audience pondering over the question of “Why,what,when.?” and a lot more if they haven’t read the book and watch the movie.Dan Brown’s way of narration, his knowledge about the Louvre in detail and the artworks in it,and the meaning of “Holy Grail” which he unfolds beautifully in this book is beyond perfection.

I rate this book,5 starsā­ā­ā­ā­ā­

āš”Not a broken angelāš”

She’s had her heart in pieces and has had tear stained cheeks,she’s a fervid soul,not a broken angel,definitely not weak..

She’s not irascible but she’s sure to resurge when trodden to defeat,she’s a demigoddess,not a broken angel,definitely not weak..

She’s been pushed,bruised and reviled but she came back stronger every time her life seemed bleak,she’s a gallant colleen,not a broken angel,definitely not weak..