Tribute to F.R.I.E.N.D.S👫👫👫 Part 2-Rachel Karen Green

Time for the most adored “Runaway Bride” Rachel Karen Green😆 She looked stunning in the wedding gown on the very first episode😇 Didn’t she.?❤ “Clueless in the beginning,responsible towards the end” is how I’d like to describe Rach.And oh.! Princess Leia part 2😛

Jennifer Aniston who portrayed the role of Rachel was a perfect example of how you can excel in life once you realize what your heart really wants.From being a waitress to personal assistant to assistant buyer to finally a buyer at Ralph Lauren(She sure is a career hero).That brings me to her phone conversation with her daddy in season 1 episode 1 where she says that she’s always been called a shoe and what if she wanted to become a purse(well,that was a metaphor she stated)😝 And guess who turned out to be a purse.?😛 Her transformation from season 1 through season 10 is beautiful. A journey in itself,her transformation wasn’t just it,we saw her grow as an individual(a responsible one).

Talking about her equations with the rest in the gang,she’s had a beautiful bond with Monica(which infact turned out to be more beautiful due to her amazing friendship with Courtney Cox aka Monica Geller off screen).She’s been a wonderful friend to Phoebe and Chandler,an influential soul in Joey’s life and a soulmate to Ross❤ A bride who escaped her wedding due to cold feet then becomes a responsible mother seasons later to a child of her’s and Ross.Oh dear god,how can one miss to mention the pretty little Emma(Baby Geller Green)💕 Her character taught all of us something important that its never bad an idea to depend on ourselves and stay strong throughout.

Now its time for my favorite scene of Rachel Green😁

The One in Vegas it is where both Ross and Rachel get married in the chapel when drunk and exit from the door blabbering stuff they’re totally unaware of.It goes like this-

Ross and Rachel exit the chapel while Monica and Chandler see them in their drunken state.                                  Ross- Hello Mrs.Ross.!!                          Rachel-Well,hello Mr.Rachael😆😆 (throws the little bouquet in air)

Well,we all miss the evergreen Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Karen Green❤ And ooh.! She and Ross weren’t on a break😂 (at least that’s what she says)😆

A big “thank you” to all the followers😇

This just happened😁 For a soul to whom writing means absolute bliss,this notification means a lot.I want to thank each one who found my blog and thought it was worth following.I promise to not let any of you down.Each follow is like an energy boosting potion for an amateur like me😇 The feedback,inputs and the compliments I receive from you guys is the ultimate elixir for this blog of mine.A very small feat as it may seem,but I’m grateful to y’all who kept encouraging me with all the likes and comments.More posts to come😊 Keep the love and the best wishes coming😄

Regards,                                                         Sporadic Scribbler☺

Tribute to F.R.I.E.N.D.S👫👫👫 Part 1-Phoebe Buffay Hannigan 

Heyy folks.! Its almost an year since the “Jim Burrows tribute” was aired previous Feb.Probably it was the best part of 2016 where we saw our favorite bunch on stage getting all nostalgic.Yes we did miss Matthew Perry on stage,after all the “Chanoey” charm suffered an absence that day.Although there was a video message from our dearest “Chandler”.So why this post.? Since its being almost an year of Jim Burrows tribute,I felt it’d be nice if I posted about each character and what I loved the most about each one of them as a tribute from my side.So let’s begin with the superwoman of the squad –


Remember how she was always the last member to know anything that happened.?😂 Well,I would want her to be first on the list of my tribute❤ Lisa Kudrow portrayed the character of Phoebe in a surreal way😊 Phoebe has always been my personal favorite in the show.She’s the solo best.I love the way she was weird throughout the seasons. She was a pleasant mixture of child like and mature personality which made her adorable.The way she stood by her friends,fooled around them made her character all the more appealing.Let’s admit that she was straight as an arrow at times yet in a funny way.

I will always cherish her composition of “Smelly cat”😂 I appreciate her bond with Joey😍 She tries to teach him guitar,and oh.! French too😂 She was Joey’s saviour.His “fake agent”,”Teacher of lies” and “Estelle from afterlife”😆😆 She supported Rach,tolerated Mon,stood by Ross and joked around Chandler❤ Although I loved her pair with Mike Hannigan aka Paul Rudd,I felt David deserved her the best.

Alright,now time for the favorite scene by each character😝 My favorite scene of Phoebe is the Christmas song she sings for her friends in Central Perk☕

I went to the store,sat on Santa’s lap,asked him to bring my friends all kinds of crap.He said all you need is to write them a song,they haven’t heard it yet so don’t try to sing along..No don’t sing alonnnnggg. Monica,Monica have a happy hannukah,saw Santa Clauss,he said ‘Hello’ to Ross,and please tell Joey,Christmas will be snowy..Rachel and Chandler, (sings in gibberish)”😆😆

Forever and ever will Phoebe be my favorite,for she taught me that life is a beautiful gift😄❤

Ciao folks..!!👋 Will be back tomorrow with tribute for next character😁

Zentangle Art

Stress relieving and fun..I’d seen a lot of zentangle artworks and had thought of giving it a try someday..Much complex patterns can be incorporated into our respective designs but since I’m an amateur I tried the simple one..

This form of art requires a lot of patience not just during the outlining of the pattern but during the filling process as well.Hopefully I’ll try much more of this stuff in coming days😊


Some emotions are confined to certain persons.Sometimes it’s difficult or rather impossible at times to either vacate the emotions that our heart holds for them or take them back into the life,because in either ways,it’s the heart that gets bruised.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S isn’t just a sitcom,it’s an emotion❤

Before I start flooding this space with all kinds of praises for this show,I have to tell u that I started watching this beautiful show just a month and a half ago.Why I chose to watch it,I still don’t know.Its not like until then I hadn’t heard of it or GoT and the insane fan following both the shows had,but maybe the mid-sem crisis was responsible in making me watch it and I couldn’t be more happier to be another huge fan of this masterpiece.

So why this post.?! I finished all 10 seasons yesterday and as a matter of fact like any other TV show fan,I was clueless the moment the very last episode ended so as to “What am I supposed to do now since it has ended.?” Such was the situation last night as a teeny tiny feeling of emptiness crept into my heart with an intensity that was unimaginable.

To begin with,when I started watching,in season 1,I fell in love with innocence of Ross and as seasons proceeded I fell in love with the transformation of Rachael from a naive,clueless,dependant girl to a strong,classy and independent woman,I fell in love with Monica’s OCD,Chandler’s sarcasm,Joey’s personality and Phoebe’s stance towards life♥ They made me laugh and cry.They taught me so many things.Ross taught me that no matter what you go through,if you are patient enough in life,good things come to you(though he always cribbed “Why do bad things happen to good people.?”😂).Rachael taught me that there’s nothing impossible in life, though it may take a little while for us to realize what we are really good at but in the end it’ll be all worthwhile(from being a waitress to being hired at firms like Bloomingdale,Ralph Lauren and Gucci😛).Monica taught me that despite all the OCD,you needn’t change yourself in that aspect just to make someone love you,when right time comes,the right person will come along embracing you with all your flaws.Chandler taught me that certain sarcasms are beyond ranking them as best(This sure ain’t a sarcasm😛).Joey taught me that friendship is above love and food is above soulmates😆.Phoebe taught me that you can always be unapologetically yourself and weird and be proud of it.

Mondler taught me that how beautiful a steady relationship can be,Roschel taught me that things will come to your way in the end if it’s meant to be.The love I have for this show is beyond words used to explain here..All I can now say is :

Once a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan,forever one♥😊